Then & Now 1912 – 2012

Dundee and Science: Then and Now, 1912 – 2012

In 1912 the British Association for the Advancement of Science (as the British Science Association was then known) held its Annual Meeting in Dundee. To celebrate the centenary of that important meeting, the Tayside and Fife Branch of the BSA, in conjunction with the Archive, Records Management and Museum Services of the University of Dundee, put together a special exhibition that explored the city’s strong links with front line scientific research over the past hundred years.

After touring around several Dundee venues, the display panels have been reproduced here to create a permanent online exhibition. Click on the images below to see the panels at a larger size.

panel A1panel A2panel A3

panel B1panel B2panel B3panel B4panel B5panel B6

panel B7panel B8

panel C1panel C2panel C3panel C4panel C5panel C6panel C7panel C8panel C9