Theme Days

Theme Days for Schools

The Branch organises annual Theme Days for Secondary Schools to take part in co-ordinated science activities, allowing S5-S6 pupils to explore further some topics they might not see so deeply in school.

Biology Theme Days November 2010

Two Theme Days on Biology took place at the James Hutton Institute, formerly the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, in November 2010.Dr Juan PalomaresRius (centre) speaking to pupils looking at nematodes infesting fruits of the fig under the microscope.

Senior pupils from many local schools attended these events over many years, and all were very impressed by the science on display.

The Tayside & Fife Branch acknowledges the contribution of the SCRI staff and the Scottish Executive to these events.

Maths Theme Day – September 2010

A Theme Day on Mathematics was held on 9th September 2010 at the University of Dundee. The event attracted 130 pupils and teachers from public and privately funded schools in Dundee, Angus and North Fife. Our eminent speakers in the field of mathematics were Professor Adam McBride (Strathclyde University), Professor Mark Chaplain (Dundee University), Dr Calum Brown (Selex Ltd.) and Dr Margaret MacDougall (Medical statistician, Edinburgh University). All gave presentations to illustrate how skills in mathematics have diverse applications in careers and in society.

If you have any suggestions for a future Theme Day topic, please contact the Chairman.

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