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  1. Dear All at the British Science Association Tayside and Fife Branch,

    On the 9th August I’m running an event at Tin Roof in Dundee in conjunction with Generator Projects, and to realise the event I’m looking for an individual who’d be interested in running a talk, of sorts, for me.

    I need some help in finding someone present this event for me (or multiple people if they’d rather split the script writing and presenting), if you would be able to forward the information below on to all relevant parties that would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Wishes,


    The Light Years

    The Light Years is an event proposed for Tin Roof in Dundee, in conjunction with Generator Projects;

    The Light-years is an attempt to question our presence of ‘the body’, our orientation within a dimensionless dimension – space. Without the presence of an external up/down/left/right how does our body perceive and interact within space? How do we locate ourselves without these external coordinates?

    The whole space; walls, floor, ceiling, are covered in a speckled glow-in-the-dark dust that forms a spectacular Trompe L’oeil; a universe in a room. As you sit in the darkened room your senses are distilled; your instincts of space, distance and orientation become distorted.

    Presented as a one off event, I would like to transform the space into a Universe in a room. Throughout the event, if possible, I would like an individual from a science background to provide a talk that is usually reserved for the nights sky. Through re-appropriation this talk will provide a thematic layer to the work, using the room and it’s randomly appointed star clusters as the reference points for ‘the real’. I’d like to work together to form a skeletal ‘script’ using terminology, themes and references from the real components of space, but using elements of the room, it’s formation, corners and shape as a mapping mechanism to bring the space within the room into question. This confabulated part room/part wilderness of the universe is presented to the audience as if this IS the real, this IS the universe; galaxies would be described as being centimetres apart, and corners would form implosion points as diagonal planes converge.

    This event is scheduled to take place on Friday 9th August at Tin Roof in Dundee, the event opens at 7pm, though the first talk would be from 7:30/8pm. The talk should be about 20-30 minutes, with the possibility that it might run twice on the same night (depending on visitor numbers). I’m able to cover all transport costs to and from the venue and food and drink expenses. Also, if you’re happy to be named, you will be cited on all web based publicity for the event (Facebook/Websites/Mail-outs).

    Since I graduated from Intermedia Art at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 I have been a co-founder and co-director of Rhubaba Gallery and Studios based in Edinburgh ( This has run in parallel to my art practice where I have focused on creating sculptural works and drawings that have a tendency to idiosyncratically question our position and place within space. The Light Years is my first installation/performance based work and I’m excited to get this opportunity to present this idea on such a scale.

    If you’re interested in being a part of this this event, or would like further information please email Claire on;


    Claire Davies

  2. bradley borland says:

    Will the cancelled lecture by John Howie re the Aircraft Carriers at Rosyth now move to another date.??

    • Jon says:

      Hi Bradley, we don’t know yet if we’ll be able to re-schedule, our next lecture series won’t be planned until 2014 but it would be great to have John talk to us about this epic engineering project. If you haven’t already, do sign up for our mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date with upcoming talks and events.

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