Important Update – Change to Lecture on Wednesday 8th October

Due to an unexpected professional commitment, Professor Alan Fitzsimmons has had to cancel his lecture on 8th October. However, we are very pleased to welcome in his place Dr John K Davies of the UK Technology Centre at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh who will speak on ‘Cool Astronomy: Exploring the Infrared Universe’.

Portrait of Dr John Davies at infrared wavelengths

Portrait of Dr John Davies at infrared wavelengths

Dr Davies, whose research interests include the study of asteroids and comets and who has made observations using both ground- and space-based telescopes, will take us on a personal journey through the development of infrared astronomy from the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) of the 1980s to the forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope.



We are most grateful to Dr Davies for stepping at short notice to provide this lecture; the time and venue remain the same – 7.00pm, D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tower Building, University of Dundee.

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Opening Lecture – Comets Near and Far, Wednesday 8 October 2014

We’re delighted to be welcoming Professor Alan Fitzsimmons of the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast as our opening speaker for the forthcoming lecture series. With the European Space Agency probe Rosetta  poised to enter orbit around Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and send the Philae lander to its surface, this is an exciting time for cometary astronomers who hope to discover more about these small icy members of the solar system. Professor Fitzsimmons is one of the UK’s leading researchers into comets and asteroids, regularly making observations with some of the world’s largest telescopes, as well as contributing to television programmes such as The Sky at Night and Horizon.



Comets Near and Far

D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tower Building, University of Dundee

7.00 pm, Wednesday 8 October

Admission Free!

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Latest News – Public Lecture Programme 2014-15

We have now finalised the details of our public lecture programme for 2014-2015, which you can find here or by following the Public Lectures link above. All these lectures are free and open to all – we look forward to seeing you!

The Tayside & Fife branch of the British Science Association is most grateful to the following for their contributions towards this lecture series 2014-15.

Institute of Physics
Prostate Scotland
Babcock International
University of Dundee
University of Abertay Dundee

Brian Kelly, Chairman

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Watch Our Previous Talks!


We would like to point you in the direction of our YouTube page, where there are some excellent videos of previous talks by Ben Tatler, Sir Philip Cohen and Barbara Webb.

You can view all these videos here

Here’s a sneak preview of the first clip of the informative and entertaining talk presented by Prof. Barbara Webb from the University of Edinburgh, as part of our 2010-2011 lecture series.

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